Dental Temporary Services

Dental Temporary Services specializes in dental practice staffing. Whether it is a temporary assignment for a day, a week or for an extended absence due to surgery, maternity, family issues or vacation, we can assist. Did someone call in sick? Don't cancel patients. Call Dental Temporary Services.

Dental Temporary Services also does permanent staffing placements in offices. Working interviews and temporary help that leads to permanent hire are excellent ways to see if someone will fit with your practice. Placement fees are less than what it would cost to advertise in the local papers. Avoid the hassle and time of lengthy screening and interviewing. Call Dental Temporary Services for all your hiring needs.


Dental Temporary Services was started in 1995 by Marcia Nicely, RDH. Marcia graduated from Forest Park Community College in 1977. She has a B.A in Business Management from Maryville University. Her years as a dental hygienist coupled with  15 years of business experience in  pharmaceutical and dental sales has made Dental Temporary Services the most successful and longest standing dental staffing agency in St. Louis.

One of the things that has made Dental Temporary Services so successful is the efficiency and ease of using the service. One call does it all. We take it from there. Give us a try!